How to Cope With The Feeling of Self-Doubt After or While Writing up Your Dissertation?

To write a dissertation is the last step to get your degree at the university level. If a student is not able to defend the dissertation successfully, he will not be able to get the degree. To write a dissertation, the students have to face lots of problems. That’s why while writing the dissertation and after writing the dissertation, the students have to come across lots of self-doubts. That’s why lots of students try to get the best solution to their dissertations from the experts of dissertation writing services. Some essential tips to cope with the feelings of self-doubt after or while writing your dissertation are given below;

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Retain your thoughts

The first and the most important step to cope with the feelings of self-doubt is to retain your thoughts. Some essential tips to retain your thoughts are given below;

  • Look at the dissertation through someone else’s eye

After writing the dissertation, there is a possibility that you have some doubts in your mind. Therefore, you should try to ask someone else to take an overview of your dissertation. He will take an overview of your dissertation with a fresh pair of eyes. As a result, he will try to highlight all the possible mistakes of your dissertation.

  • Remove absolute words from your vocabulary

There are some absolute words that can lower down your confidence level while writing the dissertation. In these absolute words, there comes ‘always’, ‘never’ and ‘no one’ etc. For example, if a particular section of a dissertation is difficult to write to you, you should not try to ask yourself that ‘I can never write it’.

  • Recite empowering affirmations

No doubt, a dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing and while writing the dissertation, there is a possibility that you may face some self-doubts in your mind. Its reason is that you don’t have believed in your minds. There are certain phrases and words that are helpful to you to believe in your abilities and to boost up the dissertation writing task.

  • Start a gratitude practice

While writing the dissertation, some students face some insecurity. The main cause of this insecurity is that if they are not able to create the best quality dissertation, they will not be able to avail the degree. Under such a situation, the students should try to start a gratitude practice. Its reason is that this gratitude practice will shift your dissertation writing thinking in a positive direction.

Boost up your self-confidence

Self-confidence means that you should have trust in your own abilities. In order to cope with the feelings of self-doubt while writing the dissertation, you can boost up your self-confidence in the following ways;

  • Keep a record of your achievements

A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing and it is divided into different sections. After completing a particular section of your dissertation, you should keep a complete record of these sections. While writing the dissertation, if you are not able to write a particular section of the dissertation, you should take an overview of this record. This record will boost up your self-confidence that if you are able to write other sections of the dissertation, it is also possible for you to write this difficult section of the dissertation by showing determination.

  • Motivate yourself

No doubt, to write a dissertation is a challenge to you. You should try to motivate yourself to deal with these challenges. Some practical solutions to motivate you for the dissertation writing task are to watch motivational movies and videos and to read motivational books.

  • Work in a group of positive people

It is also a fact that you and your fellows are asked to write a dissertation at the same time. The deadline to submit these dissertations is also the same. Therefore, you should make a group with your fellows and try to write the dissertation by working in the group. This is the best way to boost up your confidence level. Moreover, your fellows will be helpful to you to solve all the dissertation writing problems. While making a group with your fellows, you should keep in mind that this group should consist of like-minded people.


To write a dissertation is the most difficult academic writing task during the academic life of a student. Therefore, the students have lots of self-doubts about the quality of the dissertation while writing the dissertation and after writing the dissertation. There are two ways to cope with these self-doubts. Firstly, they should retain their thoughts. The students can easily retain their thoughts by looking at the dissertation from someone else’s eye, by removing absolute words from the vocabulary and by starting a gratitude practice. Secondly, they should boost up the confidence level. They can easily boost up their confidence level by keeping a record of their dissertation writing achievements, by motivating themselves and by working in a group of positive people.