Tools to Help Teachers in the Classroom to Enhance Visual Learning

Visual learning is one of the most important types of learning. In the visual learning process, students process the information after seeing it. To enhance visual learning in the classroom, teachers use various tools like graphs, charts and diagrams etc. By using visual learning process, students are getting benefits in various ways. It is improving the retention of the learners. The visual tools allow the users to organize the information. Students can improve their grades. By usingthe visual tools in the learning process, teachers can also enhance the critical thinking abilities of the students. Here, we will discuss the tools that will be helpful for the teachers to enhance visual learning.


Content Presentation:

As a teacher, we have a long history to present content via chalkboards and PowerPoint presentations. Your students are looking for new ways to observe the information. For this reason, Prezi is the best tool for you. By using this tool, you can create visually engaging information for the readers. This visually engaging information will be different from the basic slides. By using this tool, you can easily insert photos, videos and other visual content in your slides. It is providing a wide range of layouts to the users. You can choose one of them. By using this tool, you can also create blogs and e-portfolio for the students. When you present the information by using this tool, your students will easily observe the information.



Sometimes, you will have to teach complex information to the students while teaching. To make it digestible for the students is a real problem for you. The best way to make it digestible for the students is to use infographics. To create infographics, you can use various tools. Here, we will discuss three important tools to create infographics to present difficult information in the most digestible way. The first tool is Info.gram. This tool allows users to easily adjust the size of infographics. This tool also allows the users to add animations, to insert videos, and to embed images in the infographics. The second tool is Piktochart. This tool is offering various templates, icons and backgrounds to the users to create infographics. The third tool is It is one of the easiest tools to create infographics. It is also providing a bunch of add-ins to create the best quality infographics.



As we know that most of the students are also teaching the students through online classes. If they want to engage their students through these online classes, they can use timelines. Sutori is the best tool to create timelines for the teaching purpose. In most of the cases, these timelines are created for the history and social sciences subjects. Anyhow, you can also use them for other subjects too. While creating these timelines, the teachers have to add content along with images, videos and questions etc. This tool is also providing an essential feature to the users. By using this essential feature, they can embed EdPuzzle videos and Thinklink images in their timelines. After creating these timelines, they can also connect these timelines with Google Classroom. This tool is providing a wide range of templates to the users. By using these templates, they can easily set up their assignments.


Teachers in the Classroom


Video Presentation:

According to a Coursework Help firm, teachers are using video content to engage the students in the classrooms for a long time ago. These videos make the content real for the students. That’s why lots of video-sharing platforms are getting enough fame among the students. Students like to learn from YouTube videos. They also like to learn by watching videos on the Khan Academy. While creating videos for the learning process, you should be very careful. You should make sure that these videos should remain engaging and intriguing for the students. Moreover, these videos should also remain instructional. Before creating the videos for the educational purpose, you should take an overview of some essential video sharing websites like BrainPOP and Discovery Education etc. Plenty of tools are available on the internet to create these videos. While creating these videos, you can add your voiceover and you can also add questions relevant to the topic of the videos.


Visual Explanation:

It is also one of the most important ways to enhance the visual learning process. For this reason, you can use an amazing tool Think Link. This essential tool allows users to take images or videos. After taking these images or videos, you can enhance these images or videos with useful information like notes and questions etc. This is also the best way to show your visual skills to the students. You can also engage the students in the visual learning process by asking them to create similar projects.


Collaboration Space:

Various tools are providing opportunities to the teachers and students to collaborate. These tools are also enhancing the visual learning experience of the students. By using these tools, students and teachers can share a wide variety of content. They can share photos, they can share images and much more. The teachers can use these tools by keeping in mind the requirements of their students. They can use these tools for brainstorming, posing questions and multimedia content. The best collaboration tools for visual learning are Peadlet and Poplet etc. By using these tools, teachers and students can create visual learning space.


Meme Makers:

If you want to teach boring and restrictive content to the students, you can make use of the memes. To create memes, you can also use various tools. The most important tools to create memes for visual learning are Meme Generator, Tonytool and ImgFlip etc. Teachers can create a wide variety of content by using these memes. First, they can use memes to create classroom rules. As we know that it is difficult and boring for the students to learn classroom rules. By using memes, you can make them engaging and intriguing. Secondly, you can also use these memes for the concept introduction. Thirdly, you can also use these memes to create content relevant to the fill in the blanks.