Dissertation Acknowledgement Sample and Formatting

The acknowledgement is the section of your dissertation in which you acknowledge the contributions of others. It includes people who assisted and supported you while writing and conducting the research study. You can insert the dissertation acknowledgement section right after the title page of your dissertation. In addition, the length of dissertation acknowledgement must not be greater than one page. The dissertation acknowledgement is the addition of personal insight into the research study. In this section of the dissertation, you can write informally, as all the other areas demand a formal writing style. Moreover, it must be kept in mind that it is not part of academic work to use the first-person pronoun in the dissertation acknowledgement.

Moving on, you must be knowing about the categories of the dissertation acknowledgement. Primarily, there are two types of acknowledgements, namely, professional and personal. It purely depends on the educational institutions that what kind of acknowledgement they allow. It varies from university to university. Therefore, it is essential to check the university guidelines before writing dissertation acknowledgements because some universities only allow acknowledging those who directly contribute to it.

Although there is no specific rule to dissertation writing services acknowledgement, writing professional acknowledgements at the top is better. You can write your dissertation in a sequence that the most formal comes first and the least comes at the end. For example, you can write in the following order:

  1. Funder
  2. Supervisors
  3. Colleagues
  4. Family
  5. Friends

However, it is not a fixed order but recommended by most of the experts of dissertation acknowledgements. You can shuffle this order as per your aspirations.

More detail about the two dissertation acknowledgements is following:

Dissertation Acknowledgement samples 1

Professional Acknowledgements

In professional acknowledgements, you acknowledge those who have direct contributions to complete your dissertation. It would be best if you keep in mind that no one must be missed in recognising the contributions. Some research studies require heavy funding to reach a logical conclusion. So you can mention those funders who provided you monetary support to accomplish your research study. On the other hand, the member of academia who provide you with academic backing must not be forgotten to mention. The members of academia can include supervisors, professors, colleagues, librarians, laboratory assistants, research participants and classmates.

You must use the full name of people with respective titles in the dissertation acknowledgements. Furthermore, mention the name of the organisation if any organisation has supported you in completing the dissertation.

Most importantly, never forget to mention your supervisor no matter what. If you think that your supervisors have not contributed much to it, then do acknowledge them and say thank you to them. If you do not mention your supervisor, it can be considered as an act of disdain.

Following are some samples of professional acknowledgements in dissertation acknowledgements:

Sample 1

First and foremost, I would like to thank ABC Company for its generous financial support for my research work. It would not have been possible without your support. Its funding made me able to buy all the technical tools for conducting my research. So once again, I would like to thank you.


I wish to acknowledge the guidance of my supervisor, Dr. X Y Z, in the whole journey of the research study. Whenever I was stuck, he was there to give me a push. His input in this research Is invaluable.  He provided me with valuable sources of information that proved to be fruitful in the study. He was always available for me regardless of time. Thank you very much, Sir!

Sample 3

I would like to thank the whole staff of the XZ laboratory. They provided me with all the required tools and assistance throughout my research work. They were there to remove my ambiguities all the time. Furthermore, they allowed me some extra hours to work in the lab. Their technical support has played an instrumental role in this research work. So, I want to thank you for all of your efforts to assist me.

Personal Acknowledgements

When you acknowledge those who have supported you indirectly in completing your dissertation, they fall in the category of personal acknowledgements. These people may have provided motivation and moral support to you in the study’s writing process and field research. They also deserve acknowledgements in your dissertation acknowledgements.

Let us look into some of the samples of personal acknowledgements in dissertation acknowledgements:


I would like to mention my parents for being my motivational force. Their motivational words worked like the fire and did not let me lose my motivation. They kept me going on. They helped in expediting the whole process of the research. I have no words to express my gratitude to them.


I would love to mention my friends, Sheraz Khan and Rana Gulzar, who were always there for me. Their sparking discussions helped me a lot in completing my dissertation on time. They kept me refreshing with their lighter jokes to reduce the pressure of the dissertation. Thank you, my friends, for taking care of me.

Dissertation Acknowledgement samples 3

To Wrap It Up

Dissertation acknowledgements depict your sincerity, honesty and regard for others. You must be open-hearted to acknowledge the contribution of others. You need to give equal importance to the dissertation acknowledgements as other sections of the dissertation. It will be the first impression on the reader about your research work. Therefore, it is imperative to write the winning dissertation acknowledgements in a proper format.