What Is A Desk Research? Is It Easy To Conduct For Your Dissertation?

Research is a vital factor, especially in academic courses, to investigate issues and find solutions through appropriate tools and strategies. There are various methods of conducting research in which two are vital. Qualitative and quantitative are two methods design uses in investigation purpose of a concept to meet objectives. The academic dissertation has less time, budget and scope in nature. There is a need for a cheaper way to conduct a study and meet set objectives. In this regard, Desk research is the second name of the secondary design of the investigation. It is a way to conduct a study using the previous data available in different sources.

It is possible to conduct desk research in dissertation study and reduce the issues of data collection by getting dissertation help. Furthermore, it is an effective method to save money and time and get easy access to needed information. Google Scholar, for example, is a free tool to get valid data and authentic articles for a dissertation. There is a great need for institutional sources to collect primary data in primary quantitative studies, but it does not need primary data as it focuses on secondary sources. In this way, it is flexible, easy and affordable for students to select in dissertations. This article provides ways to conduct desk research in dissertations, sources and types.

Sources and Methods of Conducting Desk Research

There are different methods in the desk research and sources to use and complete a study. All methods and sources have different features and processes for carrying out academic research. Followings are some popular sources and methods of desk/secondary investigation.


Following are the three main methods of desk study for an effective dissertation. These methods clear about data collection and findings for the current study.


It is a quantitative method of desk research to get the study results in useful statistics. It reduces the issues of descriptive data and presents facts and figures. Moreover, it saves the new data collection cost and makes an error-free study. It also provides results from various past studies into a single place with facts and sources.

Narrative Review

It is a simple way of desk research to present the findings in a narrative method. It focuses on main findings and related theories. Also, it connects new information with past foundations in a critical way. It requires only critical thinking and research skills with the availability of the internet.

Survey and Descriptive Analysis

In this method, scholars review different available articles on the set objectives. It is possible in the desk research method to get appropriate information in the academic dissertation. Only relevant information should be a part of the survey and descriptive data in the dissertation. It will then make the study easy to understand and present an in-depth analysis in a short version.


There are different sources of desk research to complete the dissertation. These all are secondary in nature and available at different points and places, as discussed below:


It is the first global and most preferred source to extract secondary data. It is very simple to use keywords and get information in various ways. There is a need to check the validity and authenticity of the sources.

Google Scholar

It is a search engine of Google that provides various articles and journals for the same topic. Through this platform, students can get accurate data for desk research in the dissertation.

Government and Private Originations

Websites of government and private organisations are the authentic ways to extract facts, figures and statistics about the selected topic of desk research. It also makes studies more relevant and encourages the use of smart art in dissertations.

University Level Publications

Universities, schools and colleges are the sources of information to ensure data collection. Students can collect data from previous studies of students for desk research through different universities.

Libraries and Books

Books and libraries are important authentic sources through which a student can get scholarly ideas on a particular topic. These are more credible sources, and information on these sources is helpful for desk study

Benefits of Desk Research in Dissertation

It is easy to conduct a dissertation study with desk research for students. It reduces the issues of primary data collection and budget. Followings are the features that make it easy to carry out it through secondary information.

Less Time Taking

Desk research needs secondary data and saves the time of primary data collection. There is no need for Statistical Package for Social Science analysis use because facts and figures are enough to present results. It reduces the permission taking requirements and make it easy to complete the study alone.


Desk research uses only secondary data, which is easy to access free for students via the internet. It saves the cost of data collection, analysis and travelling for research purposes. It also manages the study by sitting at the table and using research skills to complete the study. This way reduces many expenses that students bear in primary studies.

Free From Personal Biases

The secondary data published by different authentic organisations reduce personal biases from the desk research. It also saves students from putting their biased arguments from personal thoughts. It keeps the study more authentic and encourages scholars’ views to complete research.

Availability of Data and Easy Access

The data for different topics is available on the internet with free access. Different data hubs like google scholars, PubMed, and others make it easy to conduct desk research in students’ dissertations. In this way, students can select this method instead of primary studies to save time and money.

Shortfalls of Desk Research in Dissertation

There are some flaws of desk research that are important to discuss here. To check validity and reliability for students is a big issue that is impossible without skills. Using outdated information is a big challenge that students face in it. The unavailability of participants in secondary data is a big flaw because there is no participation of individuals in the desk research.


Desk research is an easy way to complete a dissertation study. It saves students’ time and effort to collect primary data. It is an easy way to get information from authentic sources and complete the study timely. Thus, desk research is a convenient method for students that makes the dissertation free from personal biases.