Importance of Cubing Technique in Writing a Story

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You would be wondering about its name. Stating shortly, cubing technique is one of the improved developing techniques. As the name depicts, the cubing technique provides a six-sided overview of a writing. Just like a cubic dice, this technique consists of six faces. We will be stating them after a while. Cubing technique provides an in-depth analysis of subject matter. For persons who are keen about precise information regarding anything, cubing technique is the best available writing method. It is an excellent technique to produce thoughts before real writing. The six components of cubing technique are description, comparison, association, analysis, application, and argumentation. Its tightly focused structure enables the user to be mentally disciplined when opening the door of thoughts for writing. For the kind of introspection that can be downright enlightening in the hands of experienced writers.

How Cubing Technique Is Helpful In Writing A Story?

As mentioned above, cubing technique has six components. Let experts of assignment writing services discuss them to have complete understanding of cubing technique.


The first and foremost step of cubing technique is description. This design technique is suitable for a variety of subjects and themes. It can be used for the analysis of any kind of writing. That can be film writing, plays, essays, stories, and any kind of events. To tell the truth, the only boundary to the cubing technique is the thinking of a user. How far the writer can think is the measuring parameter of this technique. In this step, you have to produce such ideas that are appealing to the natural senses of human. For example, if you are writing about a drama, you have to think about all the aspects related to it. The language, the culture, the dresses, the food, the color combinations, and many more. The deeper you dig, the more interest of the reader will be developed.

Comparing and Contrasting

Photo Of Robot Hand Signing Cheque With PenThe second face of the cubing technique is to compare and contrast the ideas. You would be measuring the similarities and differences of the stories. Don’t leave any loose corner. Compare each and every aspect. The genders, the plot, the subject, the context, and many more. Search the similar connections and the points from where contrast can be pointed out. It is necessary that you point out the taste and type of the different writings. For example, one feature film may be suitable for television but not for big screens. Likewise, one script may focus friendship and other focuses the hate and jealousy. This technique will confirm the that where your writing would stand. Because comparing and contrasting the thing filter it efficiently. But remember, you cannot spend more time on this technique. This process should take no more than few minutes.


The next step in cubing technique is to associate it with your thoughts. This is the first practical step in the writing. You have to enlist all the ideas regarding your story. For example, if you are about to write in academic carrier of a dull student. Enlist the details of staff, the construction, the status of other students, the details of area where school is situated, details of other departments in school etc. Keep noting all the benchmarks that came in to your mind. Don’t try to push it hard. Rather think freely. The starting point of the writing would be one of these benchmarks. Who knows which point would be suitable to start? You should decide it after writing down all the ideas.


Next component of cubing technique is analyzing your story. In this step you have to break down your story into different parts. Then you will analyze those parts. How far they are related to the theme of the story? How far they can attract the reader? How much improvement is required in them? for example, if you are writing about some robbery, then you should analyze the details of robbers. The place which is to be robbed. The workers, the tools, and many more. Divide the paragraphs into parts and check all the above stated details in them. We are going so deep because it is the main purpose of cubing technique.


check grammarThis is the most important part of the cubing technique in writing a story. Because the application is the most important part of any construction or development. With respect to writing, you have to indicate how the main theme of the story can be applied. You have to think about the date and time of the application. Choose it wisely in a way that most people are available and can take interest on that occasion. For example, if your story is about patriotism, you can choose the Independence Day or national day to launch your story. You can imagine the national need of your state or country. You may be writing according to that need. Most people would follow it as it may heal them.


Experts of an assignment help firm told that this is the final component of cubing technique of writing. This may be the most time taking. You have to challenge your writing critically in this step, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the topic. After reviewing it, you may share it with experts to have some critical analysis. You have to keep an open mind and a big heart to follow the critics. It is the key to improvement and success.

Cubing Technique Is An Effective Method In Wiring

Cubing technique covers all essential aspects of writing. It enables the writers to focus on even tiny detail and give a masterpiece to their readers. As it sees the wiring from all angles, it reduces the chances of mistakes and gives a fulfilled look to the structure of the story. All components of cubing technique together make a piece of writing with all inclusive aspects required for a great story. Being a writer, you should know about different such efficient wiring techniques to produce good content.