How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review Effectively?

How to Write a Dissertation

The main idea behind writing a dissertation literature review is to provide a review of writings on the given topic that help the writer establish his or her position regarding the research. With a literature review, the reader gets a comprehensive look at the previous discussion or exchange of ideas regarding the topic and subject and would be able to make his or her mind regarding the discussion.

A literature review helps to show the reader what academic exercise has already taken place on the topic and what he or she can look forward to by going through this discussion and analysis. It is up to the researcher or the writer to come up with a highly intellectual as well as interesting literature review and help readers get an insight into what they want to show them. If you have been assigned a dissertation writing task, the literature review is a key part of the process and you must take it seriously and seek information from the most authentic and reliable sources to do a good job. This article brings you a step by step guideline by a dissertation help firm on how to draft a literature review most effectively and impress the teacher with your hard work and understanding:

Define The Goal:

If you are writing an argument paper, create a thesis statement that contains a clear position. If you are evaluating scientific theories, develop a hypothesis to examine things closely and if you are providing a self-contained review of writings on any given topic, make sure to state the purpose so that the readers are also aware of what is happening and they do not face any problem. When you define the goal, in the beginning, it becomes easy to explain to the readers what is happening, and the readers can relate to the specific point of view anywhere in the dissertation without getting lost as to what is happening.

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Do Your Research Work:

Research is very important, and unless you complete the research work and do everything the right way, you will not be able to write a dissertation literature review most efficiently. Go through several texts that are most closely related to your topic, subject, and position and have been verified by the right sources and scholars. When going through the literature, you must be able to understand who are the top voices of the field, what contributions have they have, and find out the best publications and writings by them to support your arguments and ideas.

Summarize Carefully:

Many students make the mistake of summarizing the entire text they are trying to review without focusing on the essence of what they are required to do. As you summarize each publication, make sure to focus on the keynotes, the central idea, and what the author is trying to say and how it is relevant to your dissertation literature review. Establishing the relevance to the discussion is most important, and you must not forget this when summarizing the literature.

Develop The Review In A Logical Manner:

Working on a dissertation is not just or writing about anything; you are writing on a particular subject and topic, and when it comes to the literature review, you need to keep in mind its purpose and how it will help you complete the paper. Think of the literature review as the development of the argument, what were the earliest ideas, how did they grow, how they have evolved, and how they are playing a part in your assignment. All this will help you develop the review logically and do a good job on your assignment.

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Mention All The Works Used:

When working on your dissertation literature review part, make sure to mention all the works that you have used for writing the paper. You must mention the author, the name, and publication years, as well as any other information that helped you in coming up with the paper. Teachers already know that you have not done the entire thing on your own and have sought help from other resources, and not mentioning these sources will only land you in trouble. Make sure to use the right style for mentioning the works used, and it will help you secure good grades.

With the right information and attention to detail, you can look forward to coming up with a literature review that is a survey of the scholarly resources on a particular topic and subject. As a collection of the most relevant and significant information and publications on the given topic, you can look forward to discussing the research in detail and provide readers with a summary of the main points.