Tips For a Doctoral Thesis Defense

Most of the students think that to successfully write a doctoral thesis is enough for them in order to get a doctoral degree. They should come to know that to write a doctoral thesis is not enough for them. After creating a monument of the doctoral thesis, it is also an unavoidable thing for them to defend this thesis before the committee members. To defend a doctoral thesis has proven a nerve-wracking experience for the students. If you are facing some problems to prepare yourself for the thesis defense, then you can get help from the thesis writing services. There are two main components of the doctoral thesis defense. First of all, you will have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and in the second, you will have to prepare yourself to deliver that presentation and to defend the questions of the committee members. Here, we will provide best tips to the students to prepare themselves for a doctoral thesis defense.

1)    Know the format of the thesis defense

The format of the thesis defense may vary from one university to the other university or from one country to the other country. If we talk about the format of a thesis defence of the universities in the UK, then we come to know that their thesis defence depends upon an interview that is conducted by an internal processor and an external processor. On the other hand, if we talk about the format of the thesis defence of the other countries universities, then we come to know that they conduct a thesis defence in front of a panel of examiners, faculty members, parents, friends, and other students of the university. After getting an idea about the exact format of the thesis defense, it will be easy for you to prepare yourself for the thesis defense.

2)    Prepare and practice your presentation

The main component of a thesis defence is to prepare and practice your presentation. You should try to prepare a presentation by using the PowerPoint slides. Its reason is that these PowerPoint slides will provide a professional look to your presentation. The best tips to prepare a PowerPoint presentation is to keep it simple, limit the bullet points and text of the presentation, limit the animations, try to use the high-quality graphics, never forget to use the visual themes in it, for better explanation you can use appropriate charts like Pie charts, vertical bar charts, horizontal bar charts, and line charts, and you should also try to use the colors and fonts in an effective way. After preparing your presentation, you should try to practice it for the several times in front of your friends, expert persons, faculty members, and fellows.

3)    Prepare yourself to defend the questions of the examiners

As we know that a thesis is written on a particular topic. Moreover, it is also written after conducting an effective research about that topic. Therefore, the examiners will try to ask all the questions related to your thesis. Therefore, you should try to read out each and everything of your thesis in an effective way. To get an idea about the types of the questions that are asked by the examiners, you should try to contact with the senior students who have successfully defended his/her thesis.