Dissertation Research Methods Can Be Learned Easily with These Tips

Dissertation Research Methods

Dissertation Research MethodsAre you about to start your dissertation research? Are you looking for tips from the experts to make your research more productive and effective? Read on to find some great tips for better experience in dissertation research. You will not find any of them very difficult to follow or remember if you get help from a good PhD dissertation writing service. These tips are gathered by the most experienced and expert academic writers and are put together to help you in your long and short term dissertation writing challenges.

Research Through Internet:

  • Only trust websites that are recommended by your professors and do not go for any kind of data from just about any website.
  • While looking for data online, do not fall for distractions. It is good if you can keep a timer so that you are more focused on your research, otherwise you will end up roaming around on Facebook.
  • Research through keywords to save time, do not copy paste entire sentences. Put phrases in commas while you search for a specific phrase and Google will not break it up and will show relevant results.
  • While you are browsing websites and collecting data, note it down along with the website name to go back to it whenever you need.Using the dissertation research method of using Facebook surveys will give you better results than sending out printed questionnaires.

Research through Surveys:

  • Cut your surveys short by only reaching out to the people of the specific gender, profession, demographic location etc who are relevant to your dissertation topic.
  • Make questionnaire as short as possible without skipping important questions. Arrange the questionnaire in a way that the most important question goes on top and then move ahead in that order.
  • Always test run your surveys. If the most important questions are answered early and if the person leaves the survey incomplete, at least you will have important questions answered.
  • Be sure that the person who fills your survey knows the purpose behind it in order to properly answer it and be helpful.

Research through Interviews:

  • Always test your equipment a day before.
  • Tape the recording of your interview for dissertation so that it can be checked again if anything is missed out.
  • Even when you record the interview, always take written notes as well.
  • Take permission of the interviewee before using the answers of any nature in your research.
  • Interviews are to ‘answer’ the problems at hand and they do not have any other purpose.

Research through Books and Publications:

  • Make sure you know the required citation styles.
  • Make sure you know the reason why you are quoting anything you have taken from any printed publication.
  • Do remember the rules of understanding a text and then rewriting it or simply hire dissertation writing services to get help.
  • Refrain from plagiarism.

As you can see, the rules are not so hard and you just have to be very alert while you research though books or by sending out questionnaires. Dissertation research has some rules that must be followed in order to be successful.

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